Science in the age of Trump

4217661984_fec1fcdf69_bAre you wondering how science will fare in the Trump administration? We reporters at Nature have got your backs — at least as far as covering the changes that are sure to come. My colleagues Sara Reardon (in DC) and Jeff Tollefson (in New York) are leading the Trump coverage, but I’ve thrown in an assist for a couple of stories. Jeff and I reported this month from the American Geophysical Union meeting, the world’s biggest gathering of earth scientists. Many are deeply concerned about the climate-change deniers Trump has nominated to key positions to oversee environmental policy. “It feels like a war on science, and on climate science in particular,” Alan Robock of Rutgers University told me. But who might President Trump eventually listen to for science advice? In this piece I dive into the history of the presidential science adviser — and find that the role has meant many different things to many different leaders over the years.

(Photo: flickr/Tom Lohdan.)